Enjoy Earning your Daily Dollars with Swagbucks!


Holidays are the perfect time to feel happy! Accumulating a couple of hundreds for the holidays over the course of the year is even more enjoyable! Swagbucks is an awesome start to your online earnings. You will have a number of gift cards options available to use your swag points. The swag bucks you earn may look so small when you start with, but give it over a few months’ time, you may have gift cards to all stores in town from Walmart, Target to Macy’s and to your favorite restaurants.

There is a long list of things to do which will help you earn more bucks. Some days the surveys are miserable. You will get definitely frustrated for getting turned down. Some days, the searches can be equally frustrating yielding few bucks. When you have a day like that, just log off and do something else.

Swagbucks has been very consistent in giving out opportunities for its swag members to earn swagbucks. They not only create more opportunities, but also make it interesting for the swag members to keep coming back to them.

    1. Swagbucks has listed out To Do List  8/8 to earn swagbucks and one or two bonus swagbucks Daily!
      Daily Poll
      Daily Crave
      Daily Search
      Daily Watch
      Daily Discover
      Daily Answer
      Deal of the Day
      Chrome Swag Button
    2. Find Swag codes and enter the code to get some bucks! (Last Tuesday of every month I-spy Twitter Swag codes may get you about 16 swag bucks)
    3. Do Daily Search and earn bucks. (Some search days may fetch you up to 30 to 35 swag bucks)
    4. Shop through swag bucks and earn some bucks!
    5. Share your swag story and earn bucks!
    6. Watch Videos and earn bucks.
    7. Take surveys and earn some good bucks.

The list goes on.

Swagbucks Live

Swag IQ Trivia now know as Swagbucks Live which got introduced just a couple of months back, has been drawing about 25,000 swag members per game and then there is a flash game Trivia which occasionally pops up too.

Team Challenge

Swagbucks Team Challenge is something I look forward to playing. If you are a part of the winning team, it is all the more fun. This is one of the best opportunities for the swag members to get to interact with the fellow swag team members and they are not shy of sharing some of the tips to earn more swag bucks. Actually, I started earning more after reading some of their tips.

Search Wins


Swagbucks Search also provides special Search Wins. My favorite win was on April 1st one. It was a cute and creative one! See the image….:)

Swago Board

Swag Spin & Win





Swago Board Game is also another unique ways to play the Swagbucks.  More than the swago board which I never complete, I love the Spin & Win Swago that comes along with the points earned on Swago Board.




i-Spy Swag codes Twitter Challenge on the last Tuesday of every month is time-bound and where you have to search for the questions asked on their Twitter page and enter the answer as the swag code. You may get about 16 points if you answer their four questions. The normal time range will be from 10 am to 4 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Swagbucks Swag Code Extravaganza: It is on one of the Wednesdays in every month that goes about the same length of period as i-Spy but gives you the exact code and an hour time to get it. You may earn about 36 points from this task.

But the good advice will be to limit the amount of time you spend on this web Site. You may spend hours on this site and may end up with just a couple of dollars towards the end of the day!

When you have earned a minimum of 500 swag bucks which is converted into $5.00, you can redeem them for gift cards. The waiting period is a little long. Some may take up to ten days. If you prefer not to redeem them for gift cards, you can get the money to your PayPal account. I personally find this option favorable.

Enjoy Earning your DAILY SWAGBUCKS!!!