Your Dollar Earnings with Amazon MTurk!

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a new crowdsourcing work program which claims that it gives businesses access to a diverse, on demand workforce and provides people with a work from home opportunity. Crowdsourcing is a type of work where businesses post small, but important, tasks that can be easily and quickly completed by humans more accurately than they would be by a computer system.

I read some reviews about Amazon Mechanical Turk while surfing the net. People make money by completing HITs, or human intelligence tasks. It's a reliable site since it is owned by Amazon.com. You can complete mini surveys, or write articles, and do audio transcription. HITs vary from $.01 - $20 & up. The new HITS come popping up. While you use caution in choosing the task as many claim that some of the HITS are spam and you won’t get paid! For the HIT's that require qualification, you need to take the given test and pass it to be able to qualify. One can make a good amount of money on here. As always, set a limited time every day on MTurk and work progressively. You may see dolllars accumulating! It can be fun too!

Turk is a great place for people looking to make a few extra bucks in their free time. MTurks require your Social Security Number when you register with them and I am not comfortable sharing with them. I prefer working with sites, however reliable they are, that collect less information about you!

Enjoy Earning your Daily Amazon MTurk Dollars!!!!