Your Dollar Earnings begin with BING now Known as Microsoft Rewards!

Updated on 12/23/2016!!!

Thank you Microsoft Rewards for rewarding me with 1000 reward points ($1.00) for the technical outage you had! I always felt that online rewards programs would never bother to answer us but they not only answered our questions but also compensated us for our trouble! Thanks Microsoft Rewards Program People! Again, the value might be in small but they never fail to bring a SMILE :-))) on your face! Thank you!

What happened to Bing Rewards? Bing Rewards is now Microsoft Rewards. If you were a Bing Rewards member, your account transitioned automatically to the new program and your credits have been converted into points. One credit in Bing Rewards is equivalent to 10 points in Microsoft Rewards. Bing Rewards Tool is a program that will search massively on the bing rewards search engine. This makes it a lot easier to get bing rewards points. No effort required.

If you'd like to use the Bing Rewards Tool without downloading anything, Sign in to BING! using your any email account, then start searching and earning!

There is limit 15 cents per day on your desktop/laptop and 10 cents per day on mobile devices. Two searches fetch you a cent. There are weekends with bonus points and extra points for searching. If you are regular and make it a point to do your searches using Bing daily, you will reach 500 rewards easily which transfers into $5.00.

When you have earned a minimum of 500 points which is converted into $5.00, you can redeem them for gift cards. The waiting period is very minimum. You can earn your gifts cards to Amazon, Itunes to Gilt and XBox one.

Enjoy Earning your Daily BING Rewards!!!!