Your Dollar Earnings with APP TRAILERS

Updated on 08/26/2016!!!

Watch Trailers of Hot Video Apps and earn Reward Points! Redeem your Reward Points with instant Gift Cards and Paypal cash! Collect reward points by watching music videos and movie videos! Upload your personal videos and collect 'like' points and reward points in the new Uploaded channel!

If you're less of an online money maker and more interested in using apps, AppTrailers could be the thing for you. It requires little work to earn and pays out quickly in Paypal cash (with cash out starting at 500 pts = $0.50.) AppTrailers is an app available for both iOS and Android. It pays you points for watching trailers, downloading apps and/or commenting on them. You can also upload videos from your device or link to your YouTube Channel to earn extra points from other users who 'like' your videos. It's very easy to use but earning 500 points a day is time consuming!

Wow! I have got to write this down. My site got mentioned in one of Huffington Posts. Please click HERE to read the post.

Enjoy earning your AppTrailers Rewards!!!


Appdown is a new way of discovering cool free apps AND getting paid by downloading them. Each day our users discover one new app and each day one app is pushed higher in charts! From a developer's point of view, mobile games discovery is a huge problem.

Big publishers with deep pockets are driving up the cost of user acquisition, leaving small developers behind. Appdown is here to change that!

You will discover new apps and get paid for downloading them! It is mission statement is to help mobile developers get their apps higher in charts for less money. You earn $ 0.10 per application. By sponsoring, you earn 50% of your referrals Level 1, Level 2 20% and 10% level 3. Being referred, you earn a bonus of $ 1 for your first application downl

Enjoy earning your AppDown Rewards!!!